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In July 2011, we were drawn to a posting by our adoption agency of a little girl that was soon to "age out" of the orphanage in China, and they were hoping to find her family before her birthday in February, when she would no longer be eligible for adoption. After reviewing the information, giving it alot of thought and prayers, we knew she was to be our daughter. So we started the paperwork chase to bring her home. But God had a bigger plan in mind for the Himsels. Along the way, we decided to pursue adopting a little boy, and that journey actually led us to two little boys, who are 18 months and 14 months old. All three children are located in the Guizhou province. We are excited to be so close to bringing home Ella (Jinglan), William, and Ethan, and we hope you follow along with our journey.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My big boy turned 8

Well officially, Andrew turned eight in March.  But for as long as he has been with us, his birthday falls on the same weekend that I have to travel for work for an annual meeting.  So he has never been able to have his birthday party near his birthday.  Daddy has a conference usually the next weekend, so we have always had to push his birthday party out a few weeks.  One benefit of course is that he gets to spread out his celebrations for a few weeks - Daddy always tries to make his actual birthday special while Mama is gone, celebrating at school and then of course the big family birthday party.  This year I think it worked to our advantage though, as it gave our new little ones a chance to be better settled before we brought on the crowds.  We had Andrew's big party today, and for some guests it was also the first time to meet our new family members. 

Theme for the party was Angry Birds - Andrew's choice, not mine.  I made my first attempt at cake pops - Angry Bird style. Not too bad - they were a huge hit with all the kids.  And of course the Angry Bird cake - Andrew was so worried when he went to sleep the night before when he saw all the undecorated cake pops and undecorated cake.  He looked at me with these sad eyes and said "Mama, you are never going to get all your work done tonight, are you?"  I assured him that I would have it all done when he woke up - that working on these kinds of things always went faster once everyone goes to sleep.

It's the only picture I got of both the red bird and bomber bird pops before the kiddos gobbled them up

Not too bad for a late night decorating adventure
We rented a bounce house for the day - with having nine bouncing kiddos at the party, plus our two little ones toddling around, I decided to give the big kids a way to bounce outside and get out from under our feet (and hopefully keep the little guys from being run over). And I'm so happy that the weather cooperated - we couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  

Ella & Ethan - we finally got Ethan inside the bounce house without the big kids - he loved it!
William on the other hand wanted nothing to do with it, even with big brother Andrew trying to convince him

Overall it was a big success - the kids had a great time and all of our kiddos seemed to handle the big crowd pretty well - even William.  He's come so far in such a short amount of time.  Was it just two months ago that he couldn't even look at me with out screaming in fear?  Yep, he's made quite the adjustment. I was really proud of them all.

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