A bit about the Himsels

In July 2011, we were drawn to a posting by our adoption agency of a little girl that was soon to "age out" of the orphanage in China, and they were hoping to find her family before her birthday in February, when she would no longer be eligible for adoption. After reviewing the information, giving it alot of thought and prayers, we knew she was to be our daughter. So we started the paperwork chase to bring her home. But God had a bigger plan in mind for the Himsels. Along the way, we decided to pursue adopting a little boy, and that journey actually led us to two little boys, who are 18 months and 14 months old. All three children are located in the Guizhou province. We are excited to be so close to bringing home Ella (Jinglan), William, and Ethan, and we hope you follow along with our journey.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A new normal

We're getting back to normal finally. Both boys have their appetite back and are exploring their new house, and things are settling into our new normal. The little guys are very jealous of each other - what one has the other wants, but on occasion they actually are playing nicely together, so I snapped a picture to prove it.

The biggest change has been William. When we first got William, he wouldn't crawl or use his fingers to pick up anything. I just don't think he was ever allowed to do anything but just sit. He's now crawling all over the place, and I'm pretty sure I saw him standing on his own for just a few seconds. And the big accomplishment this week - we are feeding ourself. Yep, my fear that William would starve if left on his own to eat has been abated. That little guy is really coming around now that he feels better.

Ella and I went clothes shopping the other day - my girl loves dresses. She reluctantly let me buy her jeans and shirts, but she picked out two new dresses that she really wanted. Good thing we did that, as Daddy invited her and Andrew to go with him to an Arts & Music program at Lafayette Schools, where Dr. Eiler (Chris' former superintendent and his mentor) is being recognized. They clean up pretty well, and Chris was quite proud of his kiddos. Can't wait to hear how they enjoyed themselves. In the meantime, I'm putting the boys down for a nap and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Ella and Ethan watching TV.
Ella has a real connection with Ethan since they were in the same orphanage. 
Ethan is going to be our trouble-maker - he gets into everything and thinks he can do anything. 
But he's so darn cute it's going to be hard to ever be mad at him.
Proof that they do play nice together sometmes.
No more being fed like a baby bird - he will not starve afterall!
What a fine group - they clean up nicely.

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