A bit about the Himsels

In July 2011, we were drawn to a posting by our adoption agency of a little girl that was soon to "age out" of the orphanage in China, and they were hoping to find her family before her birthday in February, when she would no longer be eligible for adoption. After reviewing the information, giving it alot of thought and prayers, we knew she was to be our daughter. So we started the paperwork chase to bring her home. But God had a bigger plan in mind for the Himsels. Along the way, we decided to pursue adopting a little boy, and that journey actually led us to two little boys, who are 18 months and 14 months old. All three children are located in the Guizhou province. We are excited to be so close to bringing home Ella (Jinglan), William, and Ethan, and we hope you follow along with our journey.

Friday, January 6, 2012

TA, TA, TA...

Whoo Hoo - we got TAs today for all three kids (that's Travel Approvals).  That's the last thing we needed before we make our travel arrangements.  We have been given the choice to leave either January 26 or February 1.  There are some benefits to both of them, particularly since Chris would like to also use some of our Beijing time to go back to Tianjin and visit the schools he visited when he was there in November.  So we have a decision to make...more news to come after we make our decision.

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